A JEAN!ous is often merely a talented person who has done all of his/her homework.If you have forgotten that you applied for a job, it’s unlikely that you’ll get it!

Do you have a system in place (a) to routinely capture application information and (b) track the progress of each and every job opportunity you are pursuing?

Organization is fundamental to a successful job search.

Having an organizational system will help you stay on track every day of your job search.   Remembering the context of each job opportunity means that you have captured enough information so you can easily recall where you left off.  The 2012 Job Search is a numbers game.  In this economic environment, the average Job Search involves hundreds of applications.  The sheer quantity of pursued opportunities and the time delay between application and call back (which can range from weeks to months) makes it impossible to remember the specifics of progress with each application.

The key to arriving at Destination Job includes the implementation of an organizational system into your job search.

#3  Organize, organize, organize!:

The next step in a coherent, “doable” job search continues with the creation of a chronological history of your interaction with each and every job opportunity.  If/when the phone rings, you must be prepared!  Basic information includes the following:

Identification of job opportunity (COMPANY/POSITION):  ______________________________________

Date of Application:   ______________________________

Date of interview(s):  ______________________________

Offer date(s):  ______________________________

Notes (i.e., inside contacts/references/referrals):  ______________________________

One Response to “Tip #3 Organize, organize, organize!”

  1. username58 said

    Excellent reminder, you never know when the phone call may arrive!

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