A JEAN!ous is often merely a talented person who has done all of his/her homework.If you don’t follow up on job applications, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the job!

Do you have tools and processes in place to make forward progress in a Job Search that may extend over months?

Follow up is fundamental to a successful job search.

Job seekers often become overwhelmed and get stuck when a Job Search continues over an extended period of time.   Start off on the right foot by putting a rigorous follow up plan in place.  In the 2012 Job Search, it’s not unheard of for six months to pass between application and call back.  In this environment, a successful job seeker will display tenacity and organization by tracking job opportunities with a daily action plan.

The key to arriving at Destination Job includes the implementation of a tickler file into your job search.

#4  Follow up!:

The next step in a coherent, “doable” job search continues with the creation of tickler file to track and proactively pursue each and every job opportunity after the initial application.  Start with the creation of a separate file (manual or electronic) for each application!  Basic information includes the following:

Original Job Posting:  ______________________________________

Chronological context of your activities relative to this job posting:   ______________________________

Actionable tasks relative to this job posting (i.e., reminders to (a) follow up and confirm application was received, (b) prepare for upcoming interviews, (c) follow up interviews with thank you notes, etc.):  ______________________________

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