A JEAN!ous is often merely a talented person who has done all of his/her homework.If you don’t pay it forward, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the job!

Do you help and share leads with others?

Reciprocal networking is fundamental to a successful job search.

Most job seekers understand instinctively that job leads are a valuable commodity.   But in a tight job market, are you playing Scrooge?  In this environment, a successful job seeker must actively work to connect and support other people.

The key to arriving at Destination Job includes the generosity to let loose a few leads by sharing them with someone else — even a direct competitor.

#4  Cast a wider net!:

The next step in a coherent, “doable” job search continues with the willingness to “throw a wider net”, because you never know where the next lead may come from.  Network! Network! Network! means that good leads are a dish best served warm(ly).  Your willingness to stir the water a bit and share leads with others will only help to encourage reciprocity in others who may keep their eyes and ears open for you.

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