TUESDAY’S THOUGHTS: Would you ever reapply to the same position?

August 14, 2012

I recently applied for an entry-level position in a new industry. In talking with the outside recruiter, it quickly became apparent that an educational background in science and a couple of years’ pertinent industry experience were really required.

Rather than fight the uphill battle of proving that I could do it (“transferrable skills”), I stated that I knew there was a lot of competition out there, and they would probably find the perfect person. The recruiter replied, “Or maybe the client’s ‘perfect person’ doesn’t exist.”

In fact, in the past week several friends and I have each seen several jobs reposted to which we applied months ago. We’re sure they are the identical jobs. My assumption is the hiring companies or their headhunters did not, in fact, find the “perfect person”.

QUERY: Under the circumstances, if you still felt you could do the job would you:

(a) reapply; and if so
(b) change anything in your resume and/or cover letter?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

5 Responses to “TUESDAY’S THOUGHTS: Would you ever reapply to the same position?”

  1. CoCo said

    Go for it. In today’s economy what do you have to lose? Another thing I have learned in the online application process: you are more likely to get a call if you use the exact language in your application as in job description. That’s something a recruiter shared with me. Computer software now filters out applicants who have included no detailed descriptions in their resumes to match the jobs to which they are applying.

  2. CoCo, you’re quite right. This is referred to as “word matching”, and it’s equally important in “manual” applications — and in your cover letters as well as your resumes. In our recent workshop, “Kick Start Your Job Search” (40Plus of Greater Washington, 7/21/12), my colleague, Virginia A. Brown, and I taught the strategic analysis of job ads/descriptions for this very reason.

  3. And take a look at this article, “How to Beat the Resume Black Hole: Find the Right Keywords for You” http://www.workcoachcafe.com/

  4. David Gay said

    On Kijiji and Craigslist ads, I’ve seen this scenerio often. If I’ve previously gone to the interview for that job, I don’t re-apply. They have my qualifications on file already thanks to the application form and resume, and I don’t want to appear forgetful or disorganized by reapplying.

  5. Ruthe Recuparo said

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